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1-11-18 This blog will be used to promote the book, but as well  to write about topics found in Pre-Apocalypse I. Thank you for finding your way here and I hope to make this very interesting in that it will cover topics found in the book namely conspiracy theories, current events, space exploration and most importantly our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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I’d love to hear what you think of the book, the cover and what you think I could do to make book 2 even better. If you haven’t read the book yet, that’s more than fine. This email list will be used to mention things about the upcoming book I aim to publish near New Years of 2019.


I hope to keep adding regularly to this blog.

1-19-18  Today I would like to describe many of the conspiracies found in Pre-Apocalypse I. I weave them all into a web set up by Satan himself in order to fulfill his purposes which is to eliminate mankind’s progression on their path to return to their creator. This is the purpose of the subtitle “Serpent’s Agenda,” which equates the Serpent of Genesis who was Satan to the grand conspirator who has planned so many conspiracies to try and prevent us from returning to God and Jesus Christ. The conspiracies include;

The Federal Reserve– Created in 1913 and in control of many if not most aspects of the economy is manipulated by private foreign bankers that are under no scrutiny by politicians to an amount that would change anything. Exposure of its crooked creation by 3 politicians on Jekyl Island makes every dollar printed for a price that goes directly to these private bankers. Virtually every country on earth has this private control over every countries version of a national bank.

33rd degree Freemasonry- which has as its deciding factor for moving on to a total of 360 supposed levels being whether or not the candidate chooses the good or evil path upon reaching the 33rd degree. Those choosing the evil are told of the continued levels they are then able to access, but those choosing the good are told they chose the right path, but are not allowed access to any further levels from there.

The Tripartite states of Washington DC, The “City of London,” or “the square mile, and Vatican City. CERN is the latest addition to these 3 independent city states and the United Nations could become a fifth in the near future and probably will once the New World Order is fully implemented.

The Secret Space Program and its two competing arms being the Navy’s version or “Solar Warden” and the Air Force’s version which the novel has as it’s trainees set up at the “secret side” of the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The Military Industrial Complex- was warned against in President Eisenhower’s Farewell Address. It comprises many parts of the deep state and gets secret military funding that has been estimated by Catherine Austin Fits to be close to $40 trillion since the 1950s. The spending has gone towards to tunneling between many if not most military bases with high speed maglev trains between them. The spending has also gone towards creation of the Secret Space Program.

The New World Order– is the ultimate plan for the Council on Foreign Relations which was created after the US Senate would not ratify the treaty for the League of Nations. The CFR was created in order to infiltrate every politician possible and many universities across the US in order to get the people expecting a league or United Nations. The expectations were set up so brilliantly that there was little if any resistance by the US to the creation of the UN in San Francisco right after WWII. The Rockefeller family who helped create the CFR donated the valuable land in New York to house the UN. UN policies such as Agenda 2030s sustainable development goals, which is a depopulation agenda lauded by dictators and communists whose governments have killed up to millions of their own citizens in cleaning their countries of dissidents.

Extraterrestrials- have visited earth as attested to by anyone who has seen a UFO, of which 90% are claimed to be created by the US government, but the remaining 10% are clearly way outside of human creative capacity currently. Even with UFO crashes like Roswell and others these 10% are outside of any known physics and even with some that is theorized because of events like Roswell.

There many types of extraterrestrials that are claimed to have been visitors to earth, with the majority being benevolent. These include everything from Pleiadians and Nordics to Syrians and large preying Mantis types.  The malevolent are mostly two being the reptilians and their minions the greys. The greys are either tall or short and the short ones are basically like drones for the tall greys. They supposedly are having problems reproducing on their own and interbreed with humans to increase their fertility. Many Christians believe these reptilians and greys to be demonic in nature and point to the fact that if someone prays or invokes the name of Jesus Christ that they will not be abducted, and that demonic possession and alien abduction result in identical events.

1-20-18  Today I will describe the Christ Centered Grand Unified Paranormal Theory. Any Bible believing Christian will understand why Christ is at the center of this theory, because of what he did Mankind has been redeemed and if we go through the process we can return to be with Him. This theory takes all the paranormal events like alien abductions, giants living all over the earth despite the Smithsonian’s attempts to hide this fact by confiscating every sample across the world. The theory shows how there were two Biblical floods as well as an alternative way of Biblical dating for Creation, the Flood and the Biblical timeline from the use of the Septuagint Text which is much older than the Masoretic text used in Biblical timelines by Protestants. Verses in Jeremiah are sited which show that there were Pre-Adamites, with previous cities and life on earth before the Creation mentioned in Genesis. Could this be the Gap that is opened up when reading Genesis 1:1-2 which could allow for an indeterminate length of time that could account for the 4.5 billion years needed by scientists to describe earth’s Creation?

Another aspect of the theory is the true temple location in Jerusalem. The Jews claim the wailing wall as the only spot left from the Temple Mount, but Jesus prophesied that not one stone would be left upon another. Every historical account as to the temple location put it in the City of David and the Bible supports it as well. The Jews know Christ’s prophecy of no stone being left upon another and they are doing everything possible to get Christianity away from the City of David which fits with the prophecy.













Author: Jeremy

Jeremy Westerman a Chiropractor by trade since 2000 has always been interested in conspiracy theories and space exploration. Listening to such radio programs as Coast to Coast AM, Info Wars and various websites and YouTube have all fed the different conspiracy theories contained herein. Quotes from the Bible and famous people concerning the topics found herein are found throughout. The training in Chiropractic College set the pattern for the investigations of much of the theories, especially those of healthcare. His Christian background growing up in the Salt Lake City area, as well as a two year mission for his church, was a key in developing the Christ Centered Grand Unified Paranormal Theory. This is an ongoing attempt to unify science, the supernatural and the Bible into one cohesive theory and is found herein. Two worldwide floods, in Genesis, with Jerusalem’s real temple location are also explored.

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