Pre-Apocalypse is about the various prophecies found in the Bible having to do with the events leading up to Armageddon and its aftermath. It is based on the premise found in the Bible that “Men’s hearts will fail them.” The wickedness upon the earth before the coming of the Son of Man is “like the days of Noah.” In the book which has many details based on conspiracy theories is used as a reference for the rest of the novels which will not dwell so heavily on the theories, but incorporating those theories directly into the story across the solar system and thus far onto Trappist-1 almost 40 light years away from earth and where America is sending one of its space fleets to colonize with humans freed from a slave colony on Mars that was held by the Military Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned against in his Farewell Address.                                                                The series should have between 8 and 9 novels by the time it is through and I plan to publish 1 each year. The book is classed as Religious Science Fiction, which is a rarely used classification, so it will most likely be classed under Science Fiction.  Ask for it at your public library and look at Science Fiction through apocalyptic eyes.

Serpent’s Agenda lays out the dark forces spread across our world and also the supernatural spread across our solar system and beyond. These supernatural occurrences are included into the Christ Centered Grand Unified Paranormal Theory which is covered in two chapters of Pre-Apocalypse 1. This theory includes everything from the flood of Noah and the flood of Genesis 1:2. There are many verses that talk about cities that were destroyed and birds and other animals all before the current epoch of earth. They are all covered in the Bible and the theory is a halfway decent attempt to rectify science with the Bible and account for up to a 4.5 billion year old earth.                                                                                                                     Civilizations have been on the earth at least since Gobekli Tepe or over 10,000 years ago yet this fits nowhere into a timeline adhered to by much of Christianity with their use of the Masoretic text which gives a date of close to 4,000 B.C. for the creation of Adam. When the Greek text is used which is much older and closer to the original a date of close to 6,000 B.C. is obtained, which allows for a much better fit of Egypt building the pyramids after the tower of Babel as well as the population of India, China and Japan, let alone the Americas.                                                The countless pyramids across the world have dates of origin anywhere from 12,000 B.C to 1,500 B.C. or so for the last of the Egyptian pyramids and much sooner than that for the pyramids throughout the Americas. Well over 200 pyramids in China, the Bosnian pyramid, a pyramid in Alaska and also one in Antarctica will be covered in Pre-Apocalypse 2. Their purpose and why mankind across the world from before Adam’s time and obviously after all built them will also be explored.

The supernatural takes many forms in the books. Anything from being abducted by aliens to the supposed bases on the moon and Mars for many alien races. Giants as found in the Bible have been found across the world yet the Smithsonian takes them and claims that the American Antiquities act gives them the power to do so and yet the Smithsonian claims to never have taken giants bones when asked although countless newspapers across the US document their taking them. Since giants are found in the Bible then anything done to disprove that from an evidential standpoint will keep religion at least Christianity from being able to gain a foothold in schools.